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Basic Terms

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

The software that you use to record, edit and produce audio. A comprehensive application platform for music production, sound design and audio mixing. For my courses we will use Ableton Live. I also have experience with Presonus Studio One, NI Maschine and FL Studio.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

This is the language facilitates communication between a computer, electronic instruments and audio devices. I use MIDI to send data from the DAW to control external synthesizers, this tells them the notes to play and controls other functions of the output.


This is any instrument that can make sounds electronically, this can be anything from a small toy Casio to a huge Modular system with many knobs and patch cables. Synthesizers create sounds using various electronic methods. The first

VST (Virtual Studio Technology)

Also called plug-ins, these are software resources that integrate with the DAW allowing you to produce music without the need for physical equipment. VSTs can either emulate instruments, process audio or manipulate MIDI data. Think of them as virtual keyboards or effects (FX) pedals.

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